Hi, I’m Lucky the Talking Parrot.

You wouldn’t think a parrot could write a blog. But I have humans who help me. And we have a great partnership; I tell them what to write and they write it! They also help me write my animal picture books for kids.

My humans agreed with me that it would be fun to write books for kids. The way it all started was that the human I live with, Terry Wilson, thinks I’m pretty funny, and he thought kids would think so too. So he asked his friend Carla Chadwick if she would help and she said yes! We already have two books on Amazon (Lucky’s Pals and Lucky at the Beach) and we have many more in the works.

Humor and Education Together

Lucky's Tales of the Old WestIn our first two books we started out with simple stories about my animal friends. But for future books we’re going to branch out into telling longer stories that involve animals. For example, our third book, titled Lucky’s Tales of the Old West, tells the story of how animals worked with humans in the days of stagecoaches and the Pony Express. But it isn’t all work–I play around with the animals and joke with them in a friendly way. Like my other two books, it will focus on both humor and animal facts–because we believe learning should be fun for kids.

We also have a more serious topic in the works–bird smuggling. Lucky and the Rainforest Pirates will highlight global mistreatment of exotic birds by smugglers. Written with the same light approach I use in my other books, it won’t scare kids, but rather teach them that we all need to protect our precious winged friends.

Just for the Fun of It

I’ll also have books that will be just for the fun of it (although I will always sneak in some facts as I go along!). In 2017 we’ll release Lucky’s Halloween Party and Lucky’s Christmas Party, which will feature animals dressed up in costumes and having fun at special parties I throw just for them.

All of my books include instructions to get my FREE Lucky Loot, which includes downloadable coloring pages. I might even make full coloring books someday!

I hope you’ll follow along as my humans and I make more fun stuff for kids.

Bye for now, 



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